10 Core Competencies

Mindful Change Coaches demonstrate the following core competencies:

Core Competencies

1. Business Leadership Skills

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – willing to invest your own ideas and take risks
  • Global thinking – see the big picture
  • Customer focused – serve rather than sell
  • Flexible – accept change
  • Adaptable – adjust to change
  • Communicator – effective speaker and attentive listener
  • Innovator – creative change agent
  • Strategic thinker – creative problem solver who think outside the box
  • Initiative – self-starter
  • Exceed expectations – go beyond the minimum requirements of effort
  • Open-minded – willing to try new ideas
  • Action-oriented – get tasks done

 2. Team Leadership Skills

  • Team leadership skills
  • Ability to nurture self-directed leadership among team members
  • Lead and inspire people

3. Administrative Management Skills

  • Accurately interpret and understand quantitative and/or financial data
  • Efficient record and bookkeeping
  • Able to track performance over time
  • Ensure completion of homework

 4. Problem Solving/Decision Making

  • Capable of analyzing and solving complex problems
  • Deal effectively with large amounts of data
  • Adjust to changing conditions and uncertainty
  • Target, identify and prioritize complex problems quickly
  • Develop an effective course of action to solve problems quickly
  • Identify and use critical information from a wide range of data to make effective decisions

 5. Personal Impact/Influence

  • Able to quickly gain attention and respect from others
  • Others perceive you as a credible and valuable source
  • Inspire and motivate others to commit to a course of action

 6. Communication

  • Speak confidently and clearly in group presentations and teleclasses
  • Write effectively so others clearly and easily understand material
  • Clearly articulate and present ideas and concepts to others

 7. Flexibility/Adaptability – Accept and Respond to Change Well

  • Establish priorities and implement actions in ambiguous situations that are unclear and changing
  • Make effective decisions without the benefit of complete data or information
  • Resourceful

 8. Breakthrough Thinking

  • Generate new ideas and insights
  • Suggest new approaches
  • Enjoy opportunities to brainstorm to improve systems and tasks
  • Able to see an idea through from concept to reality

 9. Drive for Results

  • Consistently look to perform value-added tasks
  • Eliminate unnecessary tasks
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Set high standards of accomplishment for self and others
  • Take initiative to try new ideas

 10. Technical Expertise

  • Demonstrate expert knowledge and understanding of mindful coaching
  • Show a comprehensive command over the technology used in the coaching training
  • Facilitate a 3-hour teleconference
  • Report writing of taped audio sessions
  • Instructor coaching sessions and follow up

These core competencies are essential to possess or develop as a mindful coach, in order to serve and support your clients in the most effective and empowering way.