Who is Billie Frances and
what is Guiding Mindful Change?

Guiding Mindful Change 


Guiding Mindful Change was founded in 1993 by Billie Frances.

The focus of Guiding Mindful Change is to empower authentic living and provide pathways to passionate, peaceful, purposeful living through mindfulness classes, training, and coaching programs.

Where it all began

It started out as a therapy practice where Billie supported individuals, couples, and families in healing their pasts to create their lives mindfully and consciously.

As a Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner and trainer, Billie complimented her therapy practice by supporting clients in their healing by revealing their truth of wholeness through spiritual counseling and a scientific prayer process.

Serving Clients Near and Far

Eventually, what emerged over the years has become the focus on Guiding Mindful Change. That is the Mindful Change Coach Certification training which empowers professionals who are passionate about helping and healing others with mindful coaching techniques that enhance their current skill set.

The Mindful Change Coaching Certification training program is a nationally accredited program that has trained hundreds of mindful coaches nationwide.

Wellness Programs

Guiding Mindful Change has become a leader across the nation for developing wellness coaching initiatives with organizations ranging from physician groups to school districts.
billie frances wellness
In 2004, Billie was sought out to design Employee Wellness Coaching programs. They have been a raving success for empowering corporate employees to establish and maintain positive health behavior change.

Guiding Mindful Change Courses

Our featured courses and training programs have developed by our founder, Billie Frances, to empower you to live your life more mindfully.

If you have any questions about our classes and training programs, please send us a message through the Contact Us page.

I look forward to supporting your success and empowering you to live an authentic life filled with passion, peace and purpose that you are thrilled to be living.

Living your life mindfully brings such richness in each and every moment. Please let me know how I can support you in your quest to live your life more mindfully.

Billie Frances

Mindfully yours,

Billie Frances
Guiding Mindful Change
Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker

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Billie Frances is a Nationally Accredited
Master Coach and Trainer

Billie Frances

Billie Frances has a huge heart and unlimited capacity to empower and inspire transformation mindfully as a therapist, spiritual counselor, certified master coach, national trainer and speaker.

She is passionate about teaching others truth and mindfulness techniques that motivate them to master themselves and make the changes they desire in their lives so they can fulfill their dreams, goals, and destiny.

As a result of her passion for serving and supporting mindful change, Billie has invested decades in developing her own skills and talents to better guide her clients and students.

Billie Frances is a highly skilled, educated and trained wellness change agent as a:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Billie gently guides her clients into realizing their wholeness. She specializes in empowering couples, individuals, and families with relationship, communication, health, weight and well-being issues.

Licensed Spiritual Counselor

As a licensed spiritual counselor, Billie supports clients in healing by revealing their wholeness that has always existed just below the surface of whatever issues distracted them from seeing their own truth. She knows their truth of wholeness for them until they can know it for themselves.

Certified Master Coach

Billie wanted to add to her skill set so she could fulfill her destiny as a teacher, helper and healer with as many tools in her toolbox as possible. When she was introduced to coaching in the mid-1990’s, she saw coaching skills could compliment her therapy and spiritual counseling training background.

She enjoyed helping clients resolve and heal their issues from the past with therapy. She resonated with the pure truth and intuitive wisdom of knowing the truth of wholeness for her clients as a spiritual counselor. And, as a coach she appreciated how dynamic and action-oriented coaching was for moving clients forward in their personal and professional lives.

Billie Frances is a National Trainer of Professional Helpers and Healers

Acting on faith and her own passion, Billie wanted to align with other “agents of change” who were grounded in integrative practices and wholeness and teach them mindful coaching techniques.

Billie saw an opportunity to create something unique for people just like her, professionals who were passionate about helping and healing others. So she designed a special coaching certification training program like no other that would enhance their existing skills, talents, training and abilities with mindful coaching skills.

Initially, Billie started her first coaching certification training with only two students in the year 2000. Since then, she has become a nationally accredited coaching training and continuing education provider.

Certified Master Wellness Coach

Since health, wellness and weight management are passions and specialties for Billie Frances as a therapist and coach, it made sense that she would get certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Wellness Institute (NWI) as a certified health coach and wellness professional.

She continued her training with ACE to become a Master Coach and Behavior Change Specialist so that she could open more doors to teach wellness and coach clients towards wellness mindfully.

Laughter Yoga Leader Trainer

As a Laughter Yoga Leader Trainer, Billie teaches people to lighten up and laugh it off to enjoy life more. Laughter Yoga is an effective tool for relieving stress, improving health and shifting one’s attitude about life.

Billie loves a good laugh and teaching others how to laugh more to live more.

The Personal Side of Billie Frances

Billie is a devoted grandmother who enjoys spending quality time with her two grandchildren. When she isn’t doting over them, she is proudly one of the Padres most loyal fans. To say this woman LOVES baseball is a huge understatement.

She practices what she teaches by taking care of her own well-being and living her life mindfully one beautiful, unfolding moment at a time.  She trusts the flow of life and lets things happen rather than trying to force outcomes or to make things happen. She truly is a woman of faith and a beautiful example of grace.

Anyone who knows Billie Frances would agree that she is a woman of integrity, generosity, kindness, and compassion, with a huge heart and ready laugh, but her most attractive character trait is her humble wisdom that she gently guides others with to evolve and transform their lives through mindfulness.