Board Certified Coach

As coaching has expanded, the need for standardization has increased. The Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE) has been providing credentialing services nationwide for over ten years. CCE now provides a comprehensive application, screening, and testing process to verify coaching experience and expertise. The Board Certified Coach (BCC) certificate ensures other that the coaching clients receive will be of the highest quality.

Among CCE’s requirements for credentialing is that a coach must have successfuly completed coach-specific coursework with an approved coach training program. 

Guiding Mindful Change is an approved Training Provider for the Center of Credentialing and Education’s Board Certified Coach program. The rigorous coursework created for the GMC Mindful Coaching program provides a solid foundation for students who wish to persue the Board Certified Coach credential through CCE.

A BCC certificate demonstrates that a coach has:

  • -Met educational and training requirements
  • -Passed a psychometrically sound coach-specific examination
  • -Obtained experience in the field of coaching
  • -Professional peer references
  • -Accountability to an enforceable ethics code
  • -Commitment to continuing education*

*Listed on the CCE website

Complete information regarding criteria for becoming a Board Certified Coach can be found on the CCE website.

Alissa Okrent
Barbara Whitesides
Billie Frances
Carla Edwards
Carrie Phelps
Diane Peters
Elizabeth Morgan
Jeanene Tipton
Joanie Brooks
Kay Phelps
Kimberly Lewis
Lenore Brandenburg
Leslie Thompson
Lori Sheets
Lou Cator
Peggy Green
Ralph Childs
Valerie Vinar
For the most current list of Board Certified Coaches: visit the Find a Coach page, find the Board Certified Coach option, choose yes, then click “find your coach” at the bottom of the page.

What are clients saying:

  1. I learned how to get control of my life:  to get 8 hours of sleep, to exercise 30 minutes 5x per week, to reduce stress, lose weight –in general to make better choices.
  2. I am able to focus and concentrate on the job.  I am able to reduce stress caused due to job and personal activities.  I now have awareness of health and doing things to support good health.
  3. I like the fact that my coach was an effective listener and was able to capture and reply for me my objectives and actions.  Once I heard some else repeating my words (ideas) back to me they helped to turn them into my commitments.