InstructorBillie Frances
TypeOnline Course
DateJul 25, 2017 - Aug 24, 2017

Awareness To Action

The course is designed to be challenging, enlightening, energizing and fun.  You will define your starting point, declare your intended results, explore your inner and outer resources, develop concrete action strategies, give and receive support and enjoy results.

Lecture 1Welcome to Awareness to Action
Lecture 2Module One Agenda
Lecture 3In-Person Group meetings Guidelines
Lecture 4Principles of Mindful Change:  Tools to expand awareness
Lecture 5Module One Awareness Exercise
Lecture 6LOVING KINDNESS - Clearing the Land
Lecture 7MINDFUL PRACTICES - Essential Elements of Growth
Lecture 8Module Two Agenda
Lecture 9MIND YOUR MIND – Preparing the Soil
Lecture 10VISION - Dedicating the Land
Section 3MODULE THREE -- Life Balance Inventory ™
Lecture 12Module Three Agenda
Lecture 13Life Balance Inventory ™
Section 4MODULE FOUR --The Purpose For My Life
Lecture 14Agenda
Lecture 15Module Four Awareness Exercise
Lecture 16The Purpose For My Life
Section 5MODULE FIVE -- Values
Lecture 17Module Five Agenda
Lecture 18Module Five Awareness Exercise
Lecture 19Values
Lecture 20Values Clarification
Section 6MODULE SIX -- Commitment
Lecture 21Module Six Agenda
Lecture 22Commitment – Consecrating the Earth
Section 7MODULE SEVEN -- Goals
Lecture 23Agenda
Lecture 24Goals -- The Seeds of Desire
Lecture 25Goals
Lecture 26Goals Worksheet
Section 8MODULE EIGHT -- A Labor of Love
Section 9MODULE NINE -- Support
Lecture 28Agenda
Lecture 29Support – Nutrients for the Soil
Section 10MODULE TEN -- Evaluation
Lecture 30Agenda
Lecture 31EVALUATION – Surveying the Garden
Section 11MODULE ELEVEN -- Sustaining Change
Lecture 32Agenda
Lecture 33Where Do I Go From Here
Section 12Where Do I Go From Here?