Course Process

Welcome coaches and practitioners who would like to earn a CEU credit while also doing something nice and nurturing for yourself.

In this FREE webinar Everyday Mindfulness, not only will you learn practices for being more mindful and present in your own life, but you can use these practices with your own clients too.

Mindfulness helps us slow down from our busy lives to observe and notice how we feel, what we think, and take it all in. It is an opportunity to hit the pause button even if just for a minute or two to reflect on our own experiences.

As a coach or practitioner you focus on supporting and serving others, but what about you? Are you able to keep a balance and remember to take time out for you too?

If things have gotten a little out of balance between doing and being and you need to “do” less and “be” a little more, then this FREE webinar is for you.

Come take care of yourself and earn a CEU credit while you’re at it

I look forward to connecting with you in the webinar.

Billie Frances