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  • DiSC® DiSCovering MeCurriculum for Developing High Self-esteem in Youth.

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DISCovering Me™ DISC for Self Report

The DISCovering Me™  Curriculum has been designed for youth aged 13yrs+ and includes an online DISC for Youth 26 page Report with Guide, a Student Workbook and an Educator’s PowerPoint with notes along with lesson plans and an assessment process. These have been designed to easily integrate into the curriculum (inquiry/topic/theme of each term), the disciplinary system and culture of any school or organization. 

The DISC for Youth Report and lessons introduces a child to their:

  • General characteristics, motivations, wants and needs.
  • Communication preferences and potential areas for improvement.
  • DISC graphs with interpretation tips.

The child will also learn about:

  • The History and background of DISC. 
  • How to adapt and modify their directness and openness.
  • Collaborating with the DISC styles.
  • Developing character virtues.
  • The Four DISC styles strength virtues.
  • Developing their leadership virtues.
  • Developing optimism.
  • Developing optimism in the fours DISC styles.