Discovery Packets:

Discovery Packet

Abbreviated Discovery Packet


Assessment of In-Class Learning (Worksheets p. 1)

Evaluation After Receiving Coaching (Worksheets p. 2)

Coaching Self-Evaluation (Worksheets p. 3)

Observer’s Coaching Evaluation (Worksheets p. 4)

Coaching Feedback Form (Worksheets p. 5)

Mindful Practices Log

ICHWC and the Health & Wellness Coach Certifying Examination

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Audio Recordings:




Reading supplement:

“Mindful Coaching – A Process of Fulfillment” by Billie Frances from Wise Women Speak:  20 Ways to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones



Coaching Demonstration with John Kurko

Tools for Client Success – Masters:

Coaching Client Release Statement

Forgiveness – The Master Eraser

Self-Care Inventory

Integrity Checklist

My Success Schedule

Pain/Pleasure Essay

Goals Worksheet

Assessment Materials:

Self-Assessment of Overall Assignments

Course Evaluation

Mindful Listening Exercise