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The Awareness to Action Group Coaching Program


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Imagine you’ve just been handed a sealed envelope with detailed instructions on how you can become the architect of your whole new life!

All you have to do is decide where to start…

  • Are you longing for more satisfaction and deeper meaning in your relationships?
  • Do you struggle with finances and question whether you’ll ever be able to retire comfortably?
  • Are you bored and missing real fulfillment in your career?

If this sounds familiar, you’re in good company.

You see, becoming the architect of your whole new life is totally possible AND even rather simple…

But first, you need to decide where to begin…
What area will be your highest priority for living the life of your dreams?

How will it feel to make an incremental adjustment and change the course of your existence?

Imagine your new life when you’ve…

Finally rediscovered your values, set your priorities, and started living your passions. Not only will you start setting and reaching your goals, your self-confidence will begin to soar. Your life can take on a whole new meaning.

You don’t have to do this alone either…

You can connect to a supportive community of non-judging, like-minded people where you’re encouraged to share and collaborate. Together you can learn empowering skills like how to manage change and conflict more effectively.

When you develop strategies and solutions with your core group, you can monitor your progress, and CELEBRATE your wins regularly!

Welcome to the Awareness to Action Group Coaching Program!

When you become aware of what’s actually happening in the present moment, you enhance your capacity to change your life.

The power of awareness is your quality-of-life changing key to:

  • Cope with life’s challenges
  • Heal and transform difficult emotions
  • Connect and improve the quality of your relationships
  • Center yourself to stay calm and focused, despite external distractions
  • Be present to respond, rather than react, to people and circumstances

Awareness to Action is an innovative approach to mastering self-awareness, so you can choose to create a more conscious life.

The course is designed to be challenging, enlightening, energizing, and FUN!

What sets it apart from other programs…

Awareness to Action will guide you through a step-by-step process of self-discovery, clarification, and transformation.

The program is structured to cultivate lasting results by establishing a strong daily practice. The small daily actions produce momentum and allow you to reset when needed.

Your weekly awareness exercises will assist you in connecting with your passions, deepening your commitments, and clearly articulating your heart’s desires through the following:

  1. Defining your starting point
  2. Declaring your intended results
  3. Exploring both your inner and outer resources
  4. Developing concrete action strategies
  5. Giving and receiving support
  6. Enjoying your results!

You will be supported by a Certified Guiding Mindful Change Coach who will help you explore your life from the inside out in order to increase your self-awareness and insight.

Together you’ll develop strategies to utilize your strengths effectively, determine relevant action plans, monitor progress to maintain goals, AND achieve your desired results.

The Awareness to Action Curriculum is created to allow you to progress at your own pace.

In fact you can follow these 3 simple steps and master the program in 30 days.

  1. Take your inventory and determine where you are.
  2. Decide where you want to be in the different areas of your life.
  3. Implement Awareness to Action Practices to get there.

However, if you’d rather slow down and savor each lesson, you can choose to take as long as you like to complete the Awareness to Action Curriculum. Your timeline is totally up to you…

Are you ready to experience a life of presence?

“I am learning new skills as well as new levels of awareness for effectively using those skills. I am overcoming my own blind spots, not just mindfully being aware of them, but also strategies and skills for working/playing with them to improve my effectiveness. The horizon for this journey just keeps expanding.  Thank you.”

CR – Chico, CA


Now, what could possibly get in your way from living the life of your dreams?

“I don’t have time to add anything else to my already overflowing plate.”

 The time you dedicate to the Awareness to Action process will allow you to add practices that will enhance your life, so you can appreciate it even more.

“My workload is overwhelming right now, how can I add more tasks to my full schedule.”

 Instead of adding more tasks, consider reallocating your resources to actually live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

“I’m afraid I can’t trust myself to complete the course and then I’ll feel like a failure.”

 Release your Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Being present is the only way to keep from missing out on your life!

We are happiest when we are present.
No one on their dying bed ever said, I wish I’d worked more.
We all want to live our lives to the fullest!

“How can I justify making an investment in me?”

 Ask yourself, what would I be willing to invest for happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction with my life?

Consider Awareness to Action as a gift to yourself.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

Remember, the more aware we become, the better we can assist awakening the rest of the world.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover in each section of this Enlightening, Energizing, and FUN program…

Module 1: Discovering the Principles of Mindful Change
Exploring the Essential Elements of Growth

Module 2: Minding Your Mind
Learning to Limit False Beliefs

Module 3: Finding Your Numbers
Measure Your Fulfillment Level Using the Life Balance Inventory

Module 4: Living on Purpose
Create Your Life Purpose Manifesto

Module 5: Finding Focus and Clarity
Getting in Touch With Your Values

Module 6: Living Deliberately
Commit to Taking Inspired Actions

Module 7: Setting Your Intention
Goals Are More Than Actions & End Dates

Module 8: Awareness Creates Momentum
Moving from Concept to Form

Module 9: The Path to Independence
Cultivating Your Inner Wisdom and Resources

Module 10: Exploring Fulfillment
How to Know if You’re on the Right Track

Module 11: Sustaining Change
Staying the Course… Even Through the Valleys

Module 12: Where Do I Go From Here?
No Limits Living




I understand I’m getting:

This 5-week hands-on, Awareness to Action transformational program, including the following:

  • Awareness to Action Comprehensive Guidebook
  • Mindful Practices to Incorporate into My Life
  • Action Plans & Goal-Setting Blueprints
  • Contemplation Exercises with Thought Provoking Discovery Questions
  • Four 75-minute webinar sessions (join online or by phone)
  • Option to participate in the Telebuddy program for peer support and extra accountability
  • 5 weekly webinars: Thursdays, May 23rd-June 20th from 3:00 – 4:15 PM PDT

I’ll also receive these 2 Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Mindfulness Minutes – a set of practices to heighten your present moment awareness by using your 5 senses.

Enjoy these simple and portable exercises to start your mindfulness practice or to enrich ongoing mindfulness practices including meditation, yoga, time in nature, or breath work.

Bonus 2: Living in the Present Moment – Guided Mindfulness Meditation

You can download this mp3 guided meditation, and take it with you everywhere.

In 10 minutes you’ll feel calmer, more centered, and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

This sounds like just what I need!
What’s the investment? 

You can register here
for one single payment of just $497.