Become a Mindful Change Coach

What makes mindful change coaching different?

At the heart of mindful change coaching, is awareness.

15875087-yoga-and-health-info-text-cloud-collage-with-shape-of-a-girl-doing-yoga-meditation-poseThrough attention and practice, mindful coaches learn to be more aware of essential harmony within all relationships and circumstances.

When mindful coaches are aware of themselves and their clients, the coaching process naturally and powerfully reveals wholeness, balance, order and right action.

Mindful Coaches do not impose their ideas or agendas upon their clients. They apply mindful coaching techniques that encourage their clients to be the masters of their own decisions and destinies  in order to discover pathways to their heart’s desires.

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Mindful Life Coaching begins with the following beliefs:

People are naturally whole and resourceful.

Balance is essential for fulfillment.

Clients are their own authority for change.

Change is promoted by mindful guidance, support, encouragement, and partnership.

Mastering Mindfulness for Peace, Power and Purpose

Guiding Mindful Change (GMC) was founded in 2000 by Billie Frances, a licensed therapist whose vision was to create a network of Mindful Change Coaches who would positively change the lives of thousands.  That vision is realized and is continually growing with nearly 400 certified coaches nationwide.  GMC continues to set the standard for excellence in creating qualified, ethical and empowered coaches.

Most of GMC’s certified coaches utilize the skills within their profession and/or maintain successful coaching practices, and teams of coaches help fulfill GMC’s corporate contracts.  GMC maintains its global headquarters in San Diego, California and supports a prosperous coaching network that is able to respond to both individual and corporate coaching needs in a timely and efficient manner.

What is Mindful Change Life Coaching?

Mindful Change Life Coaching is a partnership of empowerment that supports clients in making mindful changes in their lives by becoming aware of what and why they desire specific changes.

Mindful Change Coaches guide clients to make changes from a centered mindful space that empowers them and transforms their lives. It is not about trying to fix something, but rather making choices from mindfulness that liberate clients and enhance their confidence and faith in themselves.

Mindful change life coaches guide clients in first becoming aware of what they want to change and why. Then they encourage clients to take conscious action based on awareness to make those changes in their lives.

The mindful change coaching process helps clients:

  • Set long term and short term goals
  • Become aware of their thought process
  • Set up action plans to make the changes they desire in their lives
  • Take action to achieve their goals
  • Monitor progress in attaining goals
  • Develop strategies to utilize strengths most effectively
  • Get focused, to create momentum to move forward
  • Celebrate personal and professional achievements
  • Look at obstacles that cause them to feel “stuck” in certain areas of their lives
  • Overcome mental and emotional blocks
  • Transform self-defeating behavioral patterns
  • Maximize potential in every area of life
  • Increase self-confidence and belief in themselves
  • Achieve desired outcomes
  • Fulfill dreams

Benefits of Mindfulness

12 Reasons to Become a Mindful Change Coach

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  1. Deepen your self-awareness
  2. Enrich your quality of life
  3. Improve your professional life
  4. Gain tools to empower personal and professional development
  5. Begin your own coaching practice
  6. Learn how to attract clients who are ready to move forward
  7. Receive instruction and guidance from a highly-qualified trainer who has successfully incorporated mindful change coaching methods and fulfilled strict criteria.
  8. Earn CEUs
  9. Receive coaching certification from a Center for Credentialing and Education approved Training Provider for our Board Certified Coach program 
  10. Students and graduates may earn Continuing Education Units from the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC)
    This program is an ICHWC-Approved Transition Program. Successful graduates meet the eligibility requirements (for the Transition Phase) to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC). 
  11. Access exclusive resources as a Certified Mindful Coach
  12. Eligible to collaborate with other Certified Mindful Coaches nationwide on programs ranging from non-profit initiatives to high-level executive coaching opportunities 

Seven Key Elements of the Accelerated 12-Week Training: 

  1. The program kicks off with an on-site 2-day experiential intensive (18-hours)
  2. All trainees meet for 90-minute group webinars for 12 weeks (18 hours)
  3. Trainees dive in and start practicing mindful coaching techniques they are learning with four practice clients one-on-one (8 hours)
  4. Practice peer coaching that includes coaching and being coached by a peer partner in the training (6 hours)
  5. Receive three personal coaching sessions with your trainer or course assistant (3 hours)
  6. Multi-media support with video and audio instruction and demonstrations (6 hours)
  7. Weekly self-study that includes – Discovery Packet, worksheets, tools for client success, practice-building strategies, written assignments and outside reading (12 hours)

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“Mindful Coach Training has transformed my life both personally and professionally. It has helped me become a better communicator by deepeningmy listening skills, energizing my intuition, and strengthening my connection with people at asoul level. Being present with my clients in such a heartfelt way–and journeyingwith them through their life transitions–has energized my life with passion and purpose.
Guiding Mindful Change continues to inspire me to live my life full of love, joy,peace and abundance and to mentor and coach others to do the same.” 
Carrie Phelps, Certified Mindful Coach
“I’m so grateful for my Guiding Mindful Change training as it has so inspired me and set me on a path of many wonderful things. I didn’t know the full ramifications of it when I signed up back in 2005. I thought, at the time, that it would be a great experience and I would learn a lot. Both of those things happened but something else did too. It sparked something inside of me that made me realize that I could make a lucrative living doing something that truly supported others. I’m one of ‘those people’- the ones that really care about others. My coaching career has brought me much joy and fulfillment because I am doing just that- supporting people in a positive way. I was lucky enough to have Billie Frances as my master trainer along with facilitator, Carrie Phelps- two of my favorite people! The Guiding Mindful Change program taught me that ‘anything is possible’ in people’s lives- even mine!” 
Dez Stephens, Certified Mindful Coach
“I highly recommend Billie’s Mindful Coach training. The skills you gain as a coach will set you apart from the rest. Most importantly, you will grow professionally and personally.”
Colleen Linnertz  LMFT, BCC, Certified Mindful Coach
“In comparison to other “coach trainings” I have received, the Mindful Coaching Program hones right in on the “art” of coaching in a condensed training for healthcare professionals who are already skilled in the business of helping people. I was attracted to this program because the foundation is based in Mindfulness and Wellness. In addition, the personal touch provided by Billie Frances and the connectedness with other students in her classes alleviated the feeling of being out there on your own with no support system.”
Carol Ebert  RN, BSN, MA, CHES, Certified Mindful Coach and Wellness Specialist