Guiding Mindful Change expects graduates of Mindful Coach Certification to always operate at a high level of professionalism, so that their clients’ lives and the profession of coaching will be positively advanced. The following code is the basic ethical standard to be observed at all times.


1. CLIENT PROTECTION: Certified Mindful Coaches recognize the high level of trust inherent in any professional relationship and will not take advantage of a client personally, sexually or financially. Examples of taking advantage include, but are not limited to: encouraging or engaging in sexual conduct; soliciting participation in or entering into financial partnerships, multi-level marketing companies or investment clubs.


2. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Certified Mindful Coaches will strive to conduct themselves in such a way that the appearance of conflicts of interest does not arise. However, if a conflict of interest does arise, the coach will attempt to resolve it in the client’s best interest. In the event that it cannot be resolved in the client’s best interest, or if the coach loses objectivity, then the coach will end the professional relationship with the client making appropriate referrals if requested.


3. PERSONAL GAIN: When a Certified Mindful Coach recommends any person, service or vendor to Mindful Coach Certification, to another Certified Mindful Coach, or to a client, the coach will inform Mindful Coach Certification, the Certified Mindful Coach or client of any personal or professional profits or gains the coach will receive as a result of making such a recommendation.


4. CONFIDENTIALITY: Certified Mindful Coaches will respect and honor client confidentiality, as it is agreed upon with the client in the Coaching Agreement.


5. ACCURATE REPRESENTATION: Certified Mindful Coaches will accurately represent their qualifications, experience and expertise.


6. AVOIDING DUAL RELATIONSHIPS: Those coaches who are professional and/or licensed therapists, counselors, educators, or health care practitioners will make every effort to clarify the role that they are assuming in working with their clients. Distinctions include, but are not limited to, using coaching methods within their profession vs. functioning separately as a coach. Licensed professionals will take it upon themselves to know and follow the legal ethical standards of their profession.


7. ACCESS OF COACHING: Certified Mindful Coaches will promote an atmosphere of respect for and sensitivity to the dignity of every person and broadly support all individuals in having access to coaching.


8. REFERRALS: If a Certified Mindful Coach, for any reason, feels that s/he cannot serve a client, the coach will make an appropriate referral.


9. RESPECT FOR ALL PROFESSIONALS: Certified Mindful Coaches will treat all professionals including coaches, therapists, licensed spiritual counselors, financial planners, health care professionals with respect, professional courtesy and dignity in all spoken and written communications.


10. ETHICAL VIOLATIONS: If a Certified Mindful Coach knowingly or consistently breaches these ethics, s/he will be asked to explain his/her actions and may be disavowed as a Certified Mindful Coach. Anyone who is disavowed must no longer claim to be a coach in good standing with Guiding Mindful Change and must remove all references to Guiding Mindful Change, Mindful Coaching and Mindful Coach Certification from their literature, web site or other advertising. Mindful Coaching may also remove non-complying members from any published materials and media.


11. ORGANIZATIONAL ADVERTISING: Mindful Coaching may, at its sole discretion, publish articles, pamphlets, brochures or create other media such as an Internet web site. Member inclusion in this material is a privilege and not a right.  Absent a contractual right created specifically and in writing a member has no right to participate and the Organization has no obligation to maintain or continue any such activity.


When the Mindful Coach Certification was created in 2000, a Code of Ethics was established as well to instill trust and confidence among our coaches and their clients. Our Code of Ethics ensures coaches, clients, and corporate partners that the entire network of Certified Mindful Coaches respect, agree to, and follow a set of professional standards.