You are invited to a private Discovery Session with Billie Frances

Those who qualify for a complimentary Discovery Session can say “yes” to the following:

  1. I am a coach who wants to make heart-centered connections with my clients.
  2. I want to know more about coaching techniques that fully allow my clients to discover pathways to their heart’s desires.
  3. I recognize that I need to do my own exploration before I can take other people deeper.

Note:  Discovery Sessions are also open to Certified ACE Health Coaches who want to qualify to sit for the 2017 ICHWC exam.
This program is an ICHWC-Approved Transition Program. Successful graduates meet the eligibility requirements (for the Transition Phase) to sit for the HWC Certifying Examination required for health & wellness coaches to become National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC)