GMC Wellness Assessment Description

GMC Wellness Assessment

The GMC Wellness Assessment is made available by Guiding Mindful Change (GMC) and Employee Wellness Coaching (EWC) during the wellness coaching process to assess strengths and areas for improvement in mind, body, and spirit.

The assessment serves 3 key purposes:

  1. Assess wellness for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit
  2. Identify strengths, significant strengths, and lower-scoring areas for improvement
  3. Establish pre-coaching benchmark scores to which post-coaching scores can be compared

The GMC Wellness Assessment is a tool that assesses key areas of mind, body, and spirit. The assessment is based on a holistic model of wellness that includes 28 key areas of the human experience that have been shown through research to impact quality of life, longevity, interpersonal relationships, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as overall life satisfaction.

This is a second generation instrument tailored specifically for use in the coaching process. It was designed by doctoral-level researchers interested in creating an empirically-based, userfriendly, valid, and reliable assessment.
Containing 90 questions, the assessment typically takes less than 25 minutes to complete and produces scores ranging from a possible low of 17 to a possible high of 100. Scores are given for categories of Overall Wellness, Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Spiritual Wellness, and for
the 28 sub-categories that combine to produce the main category scores. Scores falling above 78 indicate significant strengths, whereas scores falling between 58 and 77 indicate strengths, and scores falling below 40 indicate areas for improvement.


The GMC Wellness Assessment is a shortened version of the 162 item Wellness Index used during a study conducted by doctoral-level researchers at the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University.
The original version of the GMC Wellness Assessment was completed by over 200 respondents in an effort to examine the correlational relationship between employee’s level of wellness and turnover as indicated by scores on measures of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and intention to turnover.
The GMC Wellness Assessment was designed specifically by the original Wellness Index researchers to measure employee’s wellness as a balanced construct comprised of mind, body, and spirit dimensions.
The GMC Wellness Assessment is a snapshot of where you are now and a roadmap to a brighter future! The Assessment results will highlight your Significant Strengths, Strengths and Areas of Improvement in four key wellness areas – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Once you know your levels of wellness, you can generate plans to sustain what is working and address areas you’d like to improve.

How it Works

The Assessment is completed online and can be accessed here. Results are instantly emailed to you. After receiving GMC Wellness Assessment scores, individuals are invited to:

Level 1: Review the results and set intentions for change.
Level 2: Arrange for a 15-minute Wellness Assessment Review telephone session with a Certified Mindful Coach
Level 3: Arrange for a Wellness Action Strategy Series with a Certified Mindful Coach consisting of three (3) 30-minute wellness coaching telephone sessions to design a customized action plan to achieve your wellness goals.