Goals Worksheet

  • Goals are signposts to use in the process of moving forward in your life. While commitments define the quality and characteristics of your experience, goals define the quantity and time parameters of your experience. Setting goals allows you to measure your progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your actions. Goals are specific, measurable, and delineated by time. (E.g. increase income 25% by April 15th; exercise 30 minutes, 3 times per week).

    When setting goals:
    - Use your awareness to determine if you are truly committed to the goal. If you find you are no longer committed to it, consider modifying or releasing it.
    - Use your awareness to determine if the actions that you have taken are appropriate.
    - Choose exciting and challenging goals.
    - Be willing to stretch and grow.
    - As you courageously step out of your comfort zone, welcome occasional deviations as tools for discovery.