Integrity Checklist

Integrity Checklist

The purpose of this list is to assist you to acknowledge and resolve any incompletes in your life, so that you may journey into a new year or new beginning with a clear mind and an open heart. Free of any “loose ends” or dangling bothers.

To begin, list any incompletes on a piece of paper. Be brave enough to list them all. Then use this page to keep track of your progress as you release the unfinished business of the past and become available to the fullness of the present moment.

My agreement with myself is to complete the following by the target dates listed below.
I also agree to love myself through this process and to acknowledge myself for my best effort.
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  • A. I deliver any undelivered communications

  • 2. Acknowledgments to be given or received

  • 3. Broken promises to be acknowledged

  • 4. Any lies to be cleaned up

  • 5. Anything hidden or held secret to be communicated

  • B. I resolve any broken agreements

  • C. I resolve any upsets in my life



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