Joanie Brooks Coaching Profile

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Day Phone: 210 286 7631Joanie Brooks
Eve Phone: 210 286 7631
Cell Phone: 210 286 7631

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Joanie Brooks Coaching Profile

Joanie is a certified Mindful Change Coach, partnering with individuals that want to take action towards greater fulfillment, to embrace their passions and desires so they can reach their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Would you like to have more balance in your life?

Are you so busy taking care of stuff that you miss out on LIFE?

Do you want to achieve fitness and wellness so you can enJoy more of life?

Are you ready to get organized and take charge of your life?

Mindful change begins with awareness that guides your vision, values and commitments. The best way to learn about it is to experience it for yourself. Find out if coaching would be helpful by contacting Joanie and begin with a complimentary session. Take action NOW!! Topics or choose your own:

Personal & Professional * Wellness * Time Management * Lifestyle Changes * Career Organization * Coaching for Nia Teachers

Joanie employs proven methods and tools to expand your awareness, reveal options, overcome obstacles, attain results and encourage lasting change and fulfillment.

Joanie is also available for Group Coaching, partnering with organizations who want to maximize their effectiveness and create strategies for success. Joanie has over 25 years experience as a project manager delivering capabilities that enable new growth and profit levels for corporations with large work forces and multi-line product offerings. For the last 7 years she been a Wellness Champion, motivating employees to create change in their lives, through her personal life style practice and organizing fitness events for employees within company wellness programs. Contact Joanie for more information.

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Professional & Life Experience
Project Manager

Coaching Niches

Coaching Methods
Corporate (Onsite)
In Person (Group)
Telephone (1 on 1)

Coaching Fees
Less then $150 per Hour

Coaching Roles
Discussion Facilitator
Keynote Presenter

Coaching Certification
Board Certified Coach: Yes
Certificate Expiration: Mar, 2017

Coaching Languages

Complimentary Offers
Complimentary Sessions