Lisa Bentson Coaching Profile

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Lisa BentsonDay Phone: 7603907099
Eve Phone: 800 783-3761
Cell Phone: 760 390 7099
Fax Phone: 760 729.7797

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Lisa Bentson Coaching Profile

Coaching is an effective, personalized relationship to support you to take action toward your personal and professional desires and goals.

Receive enthusiastic and sincere support regarding what’s working and help to identify and resolve roadblocks through the use of powerful requests and accountability.

Issues may include relationships, career, finances, health and spiritual connection. ?

What would you do for the rest of your life?

If money was not an issue.

If success was imminent.

If fear was not a consideration.

As a Mindful Change Coach, I employ proven methods to expand awareness, reveal options, overcome obstacles, attain results and encourage lasting change.

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Professional & Life Experience
Board Member
Business Owner

Coaching Niches
Business (Ongoing)

Coaching Methods

Coaching Fees
Less then $150 per Hour
$251 – $500 per Day
More than $500 per Week
More than $500 per Month

Coaching Roles
Discussion Facilitator
Keynote Presenter
Panel Member

Coaching Languages

Complimentary Offers
Complimentary Sessions
Complimentary Materials