Mindful Change Exchange

Our Mindful Change Exchange radio show is on Thrive Talk Radio every other Wednesday at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Enjoy some lively discussions and topics with my special guests from our nationwide network of Certified Mindful Coaches.

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Topic                                                                                                        Guest

Awareness:  The First Step of Change                                                  Linda White

Life Visioning:  Tuning into the Extraordinary Life That Is            Deborah Haass

Using the Breath as an Avenue to the Divine                                     Jana Zunich

Setting Intentions:  When to Go, When to Slow                                Rev. Patti Paris

Getting Unstuck                                                                                        Connie Sterling

How Coaching Helped Me Transition from Stress to Joy                Carol Ebert

Is Your Lifestyle Killing You?                                                                 Dr. Karen Wolfe

Intrinsic Connection: Real Change from the Inside Out                  Carrie Phelps and Char Conlin

The Power of Networking                                                                        Lisa Bentson

Honoring Change                                                                                      Jolynn Van Asten

Guidance to Clarity                                                                                   Rev. Lori Sheets

Blind Spots and Stumbling Blocks                                                        Dr. Christine Rowe

The Joyful Doc Clinic                                                                               Dr. Jodi Ritsch

Using Coaching in Business and at Home                                           Joann Donnelly

Cultivating a Personal Practice in Mindfulness Techniques            Liz Myers

Accessing Heart Intelligence As Our GPS                                            Melinda Dewey

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