Monique Martineau Coaching Profile

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Day Phone: 415-299-7559Monique Martineau
Cell Phone: 415-299-7559

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Monique Martineau Coaching Profile

Supporting The Triple Bottom Line: People – Planet – Profit

Developing powerful people is the foundation, but there’s a problem…

Monique’s conclusion from coaching 250 professionals and speaking to 3000: The underlying problem is overwhelming work loads and poor coping skills, leaving them physically and emotionally depleted. How can they possibly do their best?

The solution involves cutting-edge business practices and integrative wellness solutions emerging in the new corporate paradigm, starting with developing inner wisdom and mindfulness. (See blog posts.)

Executive Coaching

As a perk to retain good people, providing support to achieve their goals

For managers and teams who face challenges in effective communication and emotional intelligence

To turn around challenging attitudes and behaviors

Fueled by stress, overwhelm, agitation, and power struggles

Wellness Coaching

For executives, administrative assistants, and everyone in between

To improve performance, re-engage, reduce sick/safely costs, and retain good people

Focused on exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress, and work-life issues

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Professional & Life Experience
Alter. Health Care Provider
Marketing Manager
Non-Profit Experience

Coaching Niches
Health & Fitness
Life Design
Retirement Issues
Spiritual Development

Coaching Methods
Corporate (Onsite)
In Person (Group)
In Person (1 on 1)
Cyber (Email/Chat/IM)
Telephone (1 on 1)
Telephone (Group)

Coaching Fees
Less then $150 per Hour

Coaching Roles
Discussion Facilitator
Keynote Presenter
Panel Member

Coaching Languages

Complimentary Offers
Complimentary Sessions
Complimentary Materials