Pain/Pleasure Essay

  • Psychology tells us that we are often motivated to seek pleasure and avoid pain. We also are inclined to perpetuate what we know, and to fear or resist change. The pain/pleasure essay encourages us to review baffling patterns, reveal the positive side of change and inspire action on our behalf.

    Inquiry: Set aside ample time for this exercise. Be gentle with yourself and, if you deem necessary, discontinue the exercise and/or seek professional help.

    Choose an area from the Life Balance Inventory (money, career, relationships, physical environment, etc.) that has been historically troublesome or baffling for you.

    In completing the essay, it might be helpful to recall a specific incident involving this area of your life, including what occurred, where you were, who was there, and what you came to believe about yourself as a result of this experience.

    Write a narrative essay addressing the following: