Mindful Change Coach Certification 
Trainer Resources


Materials for Initial Onsite Meeting

1st Weekend Checklist

Manual Assembly Instructions

Training Manual contents

Basics Supplement Section (to be signed by each student  and sent to Guiding Mindful Change)

Teleclass Pairs

Supervision Schedule

Peer Coaching Partnerships

Agenda p. 1 fill in your dates, times for tele-seminars, conference line phone #, plus trainer info (name, phone #, Fax #, email address)



*Discovery Packets:

Discovery Packet

Abbreviated Discovery Packet



Assessment of In-Class Learning (Worksheets p. 1)

Evaluation After Receiving Coaching (Worksheets p. 2)

Coaching Self-Evaluation (Worksheets p. 3)

Observer’s Coaching Evaluation (Worksheets p. 4)

Coaching Feedback Form (Worksheets p. 5)

*Audio recordings:
Wisdom from the Future – Guided Visualization


Coaching Demonstration #1

Coaching Demonstration #2

“Life Coaching” – KPBS Radio Interview